I'm Tom Wanielista —

I'm a programmer from Brooklyn, NY. I'm interested in developing, maintaining, and growing systems that make an impact.

I am currently a Lead Engineer at Simple, based out of New York.

Stuff I'm Working On

Go, Kubernetes, etc.

At Simple, I work on our Infrastructure Engineering team, building tools and automation systems for our AWS-based infrastructure.

This involves maintaining, securing, and improving the current deployment systems while preparing us for a move to Kubernetes.

While old systems are typically Python or Ruby, all new systems are written in Go.


I was one of the first engineers working on Simple's iOS app from 2011-2013. Notably, I was heavily involved in the design of Simple's Goals for iPhone feature.

Open Source

I wrote a Sensu Transport for AWS SQS. Simple has been using it for years with no issue.

I've also made small contributions to other open source projects on Github. That can be found here: github.com/tomwans.


I have written a blog post and guest-spoke at an Amazon re:Invent talk on our experiences at Simple managing our infrastructure as code.

I've also given a talk at Automacon 2015 surveying some of the unanswered questions around infrastructure as code as a concept.